Membership Process:

Complete a Membership Application at our office in Bodo Park - click here for a map.

Bring proof of residency with a local address within our field of membership. If your current address is printed on the front of your ID that may serve as proof of your address. Otherwise, please provide a utility bill, rental agreement or paystub.

Provide two forms of identification at the time you open the account. One form of ID must be a valid government issued photo ID and the second may be a credit card, debit card, social security card, birth certificate or company identification card. Please contact us with any questions about acceptable forms of ID.

Bring your Social Security number and other pertinent personal information with you.

In order to activate your membership, you’ll open a savings account. The minimum deposit to open the savings account is $50. In addition, there is a membership fee of $10 (per member number opened). If you choose to open a checking account, we require an initial minimum deposit of $50. Remember, our checking accounts have no service charges - you only pay for the debit card and/or checks you order.

Membership is established with a minimum savings account deposit of $50 (one share). A non-refundable membership fee of $10 (per member number opened) is required at the time of the opening the account. If you close your account within the first 90 days, your share purchase will be forfeited.

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