Fee Schedule

General Account Fees
Effective Date: April 16, 2018
Membership Fee $10
Account Closeout before 90 days
- Any dividend-bearing savings account closed will forfeit dividends for the period in which it is closed.
5 Cash withdrawals and transfers per month - all savings accounts under one membership number combined $1 fee per withdrawal or transfer after 5 each
Christmas Club Early w/d (before Oct 31) $25 per w/d

Account Minimum Balance Requirements
Basic Checking (70) No minimum balance required
Checking with Dividends (73) Minimum balance $500*
CU Classic Checking with Dividends (74) Minimum balance $400*
Money Market (03) Minimum balance $2,500*
*The minimum balance must be met every day of the current month in order to not incur fees - $10 below minimum balance fee per month

Business Accounts
Business Checking (71) No minimum balance required
Maintenance Fee $8/month charged to 00 Savings

Checking Account Fees (For Business and Regular)
NSF Fee (EFT, ACH, Draft) $32 per item
Stop Payment $32 per item or range
Bill Pay Enrollment Fee
- (No business accounts allowed, regular members must pay at least one bill every 30 days in order to be an active user - see Bill Pay Disclosure)
Bill Pay stop payment $10 per item
Copy of Researched Draft $3 per item
Check image research
- (If check cleared prior to December 2011)
$7.50 per item

Loan Fees
Loan Application Fee per applicant
- (Includes Vehicle/Consumer, OELOC "30", and ODLOC "75")
Consumer Loan Processing Fee $30 (Collected at closing)
Real Estate Credit Reporting Fees $18.53 Individual/$37.06 Joint
HELOC Processing Fee $150 / Annual Fee $50
Subordination Fee $250

CU Classic Benefits
Cashier's Check $1.50
Money Order $0.50
1 free box of basic checks per year (not to exceed $15.00 per box)

IRA and HSA Fees
IRA Maintenance Fee (Effective December 2014)
- Includes Roth, Traditional, and Coverdell ESAs
Health Savings Account (47) Enrollment Fee (one-time) $40

Non-Member Fees
Notary Fee (Free for CU members) $5 per signature ($15 Max)

Wire Transfer
Incoming Domestic $5 per transfer
Outgoing Domestic $15 per transfer
Note: We do not initiate international wire transfers
Incoming International Wire $25 per transfer

Money Order $1
Cashier's Check $3 (payable to a third party)
Cashier's Check No Fee (payable to member)
Cashier's Check sent by mail $1 (payable to member)
Stop Payment of Cashier's Check or Money Order $10 per item
Converting a member check to a Cashier's Check $5
Account Reconciliation/Research $25 per hour
Account Activity Printout/Statement Copy $1 per page
ACH Origination Fee (One-time set up per payment) $2
Chargeback NSF from member deposit $5 per item
Chargeback NSF from deposit - Drawn by member $32 per item
Garnishment and Levy $25 per item
Collection Fee $25 per item
Collection Fee (Foreign item) Subject to bank charges
Dormant Account $3 per month (after 12 mos)
Photocopy $0.10 per copy
Fax Outgoing (long distance only) $0.25 per page
Returned Mail $5 per item
Special Handling of Statement due to incorrect address $10/month

EFT Fees
Debit Card $10 every 3 years per card
Debit Card Pin Reissue $2
Debit Card replacement $10
Debit Card Rush $40
Pin Number Rush $40

Safe Deposit Box Fees
3x5 $25 per year
3x10 $50 per year
5x10 $75 per year
10x10 $100 per year
Drilling of Boxes $200 per box

Visa Gift Cards, Travel Cards, Reloadable Cards**
Gift Card Min/Max Load:$10/$1,000
Purchase Fee: $2.95   Non-Member Purchase Fee: $6.95
Travel Card -Purchase Fees by amount:  
$10 to $1,000 $7.95
$1,000+ to $3,000 $8.95
$3,000+ to $5,000 $9.95
Companion Card add $2.95
Non-member (any amount) $9.95
Reload Fee (each) $4.00
Reloadable Card Min/Max Load:$10/$5,000
Purchase Fee: $7.95        Reload Fee (each): $4.00
**For additional fee information please reference the Cardholder Agreement provided to you at the time of purchase.

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